HighQ Solutions at ITO & BPO Germany Forum

Outsourcing Forum

ITO and BPO Germany

On 19th April 2015 in Berlin, HighQ Solutions participated in ITO & BPO Germany Forum. The Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) forum is the only such industry event in Germany, where information on best practices and various business models is provided, onshoring services are compared and discussed, opportunities to optimize existing solutions are presented.

HighQ Solutions is proud to be part of this Forum, where we have met representatives from IT, finance, procurement and general management and have the opportunity to exchange with national and other international industry representatives. Our company introduced itself as a software development outsourcing and consultant company that has been providing reliable services for development of business processes automation software, innovative solutions for complex financial markets, cross-asset trading and risk management modules and sophisticated business solutions.

Financial business and digitization: sharing a common direction

17th Financial Tech Forum

HighQ Solutions participated in the 17th Financial Tech Forum: Financial business and digitization: sharing a common direction, held on April 23, 2015, in Sofia Hotel Balkan. Various topics like security and modern authentication, cloud implementations, analysis based on big data paradigms, general techniques on optimization, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction were discussed at the forum. Our company joined in both technical oriented conferences like „IT projects, architectures and systems: with focus on efficiency“, „Development of innovative payment systems for small payments in real time.“, „Software Defined Storage – The future of storage optimization“, „The race for efficiency – described business processes and IT solutions for their re-creation“ as well as in business ones „The Predictive Imperative: Plan and Forecast Your Business“, „The customer in the focus of digital financial world“, „The future of mobile banking“ and others.

The event was attended by regulatory authorities, financial brokers, consulting firms, associations and government, representatives of banks, insurance and pension insurance companies, payment operators.

Our company was successfully represented at the forum and had the chance to introduce itself to various senior managers, IT managers, heads of departments, heads of projects, IT and security experts, auditors, business analysts and experts in payment systems. HighQ Solutions presented a variety of customized solutions for financial institutions and duscussed them with interested parties.

HighQ Solutions at Careers Fair

BG Career Forum in Germany

bg careers logo - scaled

HighQ Solutions participated in the first Bulgarian Careers Fair Germany Forum, held on 18 April 2015 in Frankfurt. The forum aims to connect companies and professionals looking for career opportunities. More than 650 participants had the chance to introduce themselves to almost 40 companies representing industries like banks, IT, engineering, financial services, automotive and airplane companies and other.

HighQ Solutions participated with the goal to introduce itself to the Bulgarians studying abroad, to provide information about the professional opportunities it offers and to attract young and talented Bulgarians back home. Our presentation was visited by more than 50 people and gave us the opportunity to familiarize the candidates with the exciting work our consultants do. Our successful participation and the high interest by the visitors is an evidence for the excellent opportunities that HighQ Solutions is continuously offering.

HighQ Solutions would like to thank all who visited our booth, left their profiles and had an interest in us.

HighQ Solutions in Back2Bg

Career Speed Dating

HighQ Solutions is a company devoted to a continuous growth. In order to support this expansion we are dedicated to expand our employee base with only the brightest and the best in the field. Therefore we, as a company have participated in the Back2BG Recruiting Event : “Career Speed Dating: German Language“. We believe that some of the most promising candidates in the field can be found in universities and campuses in Europe, and Germany in particular. Our partnership and work with Back2Bg will continue in the future as our goal is to build a very solid team.

HighQ Solutions

member of BASSCOM

HighQ Solutions is proud to announce that since first of January 2014 we are members of the BASSCOM – Bulgarian Association of Software Companies. Our commitment to expand in the software development, outsourcing and consulting services, as well as our drive to be recognized as the industry leaders in the financial IT consulting has motivated us to join one of the biggest organizations in Bulgaria. This memberships helps us meet other companies in the area, as well as expand our area of service. In this manner we stand among the best in the industry.