We create value added and strive for long-lasting relationship with our clients

Our consultants has delivered successfully solutions across all phases of a project implementation – from software vendor selection and business process analysis through financial IT Consulting, integration of software solutions and post-sales support.

We are working with a vast majority of clients and partners. Below is an excerpt of the clients that we have worked for. In case you want to see our complete prospect, or need more information, feel free to contact us. We can provide you with a detailed description of each project we have been working on, skill set used (both functional and technical).

Some of our success stories include:





We undertook a Calypso project implementation, within which we not only implemented out-of-the-box Back Office and Accounting modules and, but also provided a solution for automatic testing of subsequent upgrades through our internally developed Regression Framework testing tool.

Our consultants worked closely with internal and external project management teams to deliver a solution to meet the client firm’s specific requirements.

We integrated a workflow in a single front-to-back office platform that improves STP efficiency and operational stability in a flexible and scalable solution to manage the complexity and increasing volume of client’s business. We delivered a solution covering a wide variety of financial instruments types, participated in the migration of trades and launching of a real-time interface with real-time posting and cash flow reconciliation and an accounting system, subject to IFRS reporting.

Through the implementation of Regression Framework testing tool, business is benefitting from improved operational efficiency, and speed of execution test cases which has resulted in fewer errors, quicker response times and reduced operational costs.

Reinsurance Company

in Germany

HighQ Solutions has participated in a large Calypso integration project, which apart from all out-of-the-box cross-asset solutions, designed bespoke functionality for modelling of insurance contracts and custom Calypso trades.

We delivered tailored interfaces supporting Front Office Cross-asset handling, automation of end-of-day processes, Pricing and Hedge effectiveness evaluation for assets and liabilities.

We leverage our years of experience to implement various types of inherent analysis and also developed specifically tailored solutions for unique structured products and insurance contracts.

In addition, we are part a dedicated maintenance team and stream, supporting client pre- and post-go-live, remote and on-site adds-on and upgrades.



We provided on-site consultancy to design and implement a series of tailored front office and pricing modules. We participated in DTCC Interface Design and Implementation, technical specification and Failover System configuration. We prepared and setup the production system to support the client’s business strategy and also delivered the subsequent client training and post-sales service.



We were selected to gather the technical specification and implementation leadership for a project covering full range of solutions for derivatives product line. Project included implementation of financial models, pricing and risk management analytics, all integrated in a scalable platform. We were asked to provide project management and technical support during the whole vendor selection – go live cycle.




We took part in a project covering a consistent set of cross-asset front-end applications, third-party interfaces design and integration and extensive performance analysis and optimization tools. We managed the go-live preparation and the design of custom reporting framework.