Banking sector is becoming more and more regulated and focused on operational efficiency and excellence and we strive to keep pace with the latest innovation in the industry. Regulatory pressure is not the only issue that drives the need for optimization in this sector. Nowadays projects need to provide integrated solutions with effective communication between all departments within an organization, point solutions no more face practical needs.
Since its establishment, HighQ Solutions has developed a highly-demanding top-tier client base. Our core services are in the banking sector where we has played a significant role in some of the biggest implementation projects for global leading companies in Europe. We have established a robust model for P&L optimization, smooth processing,flow of data and enhanced reporting tools.

Finance, Risk and Compliance

The financial is under ever-increasing pressure from all sides: regulatory requirements for reporting are increasing, volattility of markets are constantly changing the market models, and there is higher and higher demand for high volume and diversified data.
To face these challenges, we help in building a robust and auditable data warehouse system and smooth integration with diversified base of data providers. We have experience in building transparent reporting systems to meet regulatory requirements within very challenging timescales and integrated solutions with existing ERP systems within an organization.

Capital Markets

In this post-crisis, the business strategy of most investment managers has become more diversified and the investment strategies more sophisticated. The existing technology and operating models that support these changing strategies have become restrictive. These restrictions often result in the need for technology and operational change.


HighQ Solutions has successfully delivered solutions to the investment management sector to meet requirements for accurate and efficient internal and external reporting and resilient portfolio construction, along with a full range of made-to-measure credit risk solutions. We have many years of experience in implementing leading front office vendor products and developing bespoke risk management solutions. We are working closely with our clients to establish the suitable implementation model and suppliy specialist teams of analysts, developers and project management consultants to facilitate the process.


Post-crises era and dramatic changes across the insurance industry require new approaches to address the pressures of volatile markets, stringent capital requirements, and increasing risk. Meanwhile, a myriad of legacy systems are used in many insurance companies.

We understand that implementing a new technology can be costly and risky undertaking, which is why we use our expertise in building clear milestone planning and streamline the process of integrating several applications and drive down maintenance costs. We face issues such as flexibility, rigorous reporting requirements, identification of main risk factors and efficient asset and liability management.


Telecommunication has seen astonishing development on both technological and clients-requirements’ side in the recent years. This has caused for the need of rapid adaptation of newer technologies, methodologies and processes in order to meet the never-ending changes.

This progress has also caused for a stricter government regulation and surveillance programs in some countries, esp. Germany. To meet the demand for such functionalities, HighQ Solutions has been working with its strategic partners in order to provide the latest and best available solution on the market.