Our strong and lasting partnerships with leading IT global vendors has been a key factor to our success. HighQ Solutions partners with best-in-class software providers of trading and risk applications, processing and post-trade solutions. We combine our internal expertise with an extensive network of solutions vendors, which have been carefully selected for their extensive experience, broad coverage and customizable business solutions, to offer smooth and rapid implementation and lower the total cost for our customers.

In order to meet specific needs of our clients and provide uncompromising quality of our services, we are constantly developing our relationships with vendors we believe will have a significant impact on the industry they specialize.

Global Partners and Vendors


We have forged strong partnerships with HighQIT  – a German consultancy company operating in professional and technical integration or development of bank operational systems.

HighQIT is a medium-sized IT consulting company with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our German partner has more than 10 years of successful cooperation with a variety of clients and has already established its name on the German market. Through the years, HighQIT has been successfully managed and developed by its founder and executive director – Juergen Pfister.

Both HighQ Solutions and HighQIT have similar goals and vision, which is the reason why we are working closely together. Our partnership results in a highly valuable experience and expertise in the following major services:

  • Banking Consulting

Both companies provide professional and technical competence in the area of  regulatory law and bank controlling. Furthermore HighQIT has already delivered and developed projects in the areas of credit risk, credit guarantees, market risk management as well as default valuation.

  • Trading & Operations

Together with our German partner we offer expertise in the front-to-back processing over the complete life cycle of the financial products of modern investment banking. Moreover, the partnership between HighQ Solutions and HighQIT is based on common knowledge on managing the introduction of modern standard banking systems such as CALYPSO and Murex.

  • Technology

Working closely together and using the strong technical background from both companies we manage to deliver high quality solutions to problems regarding IT architecture and system integration, IT project management, technical application and interface design and concrete implementation.


Cedros has been providing customized IT and telecommunication solutions in Germany since 1991.

Throughout the last 25 years it has built a tremendously successful portfolio of satisfied clients and has established itself as a leading consulting and software solutions company for customized and ready-to-use corporate and business solutions, and for the professional system integration of diverse software.

Cedros has a full-service portfolio covering strategy consulting, development services for corporate systems, support and maintenance of business applications and the development of own tools, methods for analysis for the complexity analysis of implementation software projects. Cedros has a special expertise in the electronical administrative information in the telecommunication market. As an IBM Premier Business Partner cedros is one of the few fully-autorized IBM Software Vendors in Germany. The main technological focus of Cedors is Java, .NET, IBM Notes and WebSphere.

HighQ Solutions has established a close partnership with Cedros in 2016. For one of our newest success stories, please read here.


Calypso (Calypso Technology, Inc.) is a global application software provider that sells an integrated suite of trading and risk applications to the capital markets, banks and other companies participating in the world’s financial markets.

Calypso’s trading and risk management platform is the industry’s first integrated application suite designed from the outset to be a front to back office, cross-asset, real-time platform for derivative and treasury products.

The platform provides Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office functions for multiple asset classes such as Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Interest Rate Derivatives, Credit Derivatives and other derivatives instruments. Calypso credit derivatives is market leader in this area.

Calypso provides sophisticated analytics, reporting and communications software and services for global investment and commercial banks, pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds, clearing houses, exchanges and industry service providers.


Calypso provides functionalities to support:

  • Risk and Portfolio Management – Pricing and Analytics; Product structuring; “What-if” and VaR analysis; Real-time P/L; Cash-flow analytics; Exposure and Liquidity analysis; Position management; Trade capture.
  • Compliance –Regulatory and enhanced internal reporting tools; Basel III liquidity reporting; Dodd-Frank/EMIR compliance; Audit & Control
  • Trading – Clearing and Collateral management; Multi-asset class trade and allocation processing; Deal pricing; Pre-trade analysis; Initial Margin modelling; Full XVA incl. CVA, DVA , FVA, LVA, MVA
  • Operations – Vendor-neutral integration with multiple data providers; Real-time monitoring; Accounting entries keeping in real time; Enhanced messaging and operating workflows; Confirmation matching; Messages; Exception management; Settlements

Markit is a renowned data provider, which also develops trade processing and valuation services to more than 3,000 institutions across the financial markets including investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, central banks, regulators, rating agencies and insurance companies.

As an established data provider, Markit has a competitive advantage over other ERM systems that needs to be fed with external data and integrated with third party systems. They have become an industry standard for some types of scarce data, such as volatilities and CDS spreads.

Markit delivers a suite of integrated, scalable and efficient solutions for enterprise-wide risk management across a broad range of asset classes. It supports the highly variable computational demands of financial institutions by leveraging its software over a server grid.

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