Founded in 2002, Quantifi is a leading provider of analytics, trading and risk management software for the global capital markets.

Quantifi delivers cross-asset trading, front-to-back operations, position management, market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk management, margining, and regulatory reporting all on a single integrated real-time PMS/OMS platform. As well as supporting all regulatory and industry practices such as EMIR, BASEL and MiFID II, Quantifi applies the latest technology innovations to provide new levels of usability, flexibility, and ease of integration.

Quantifi re-invests significantly into research and development each year. Quantifi has an unparalleled track record of being first-to-market for all of the most significant innovations in the OTC markets including CVA, FVA and OIS/CSA Discounting. It is also a leader in financial technology with early adoption of key technologies that give our clients advantages in terms of speed, scalability, and usability including being the first commercial native .NET analytics library and the first financial software vendor to support the Intel TBB multi-core API.

Quantifi helps a wide range of buy-side and sell-side market participants with innovative solutions that provide them with more accurate pricing and valuation, more efficient trading, and more comprehensive risk management and regulatory reporting.